The Immorality of Radical Islamic Terrorists

CNN recently posted a story stating that 53 Iraqis were killed in a pair of bomb blasts. One bomb went off. As a group of people gathered to help the wounded, a suicide bomber wearing a bomb set the bomb off, killing many people. I’m one who always tries to see the positive in people and give people credit where credit is due but these acts are despicable. I have great respect for Muslim beliefs and the Islam religion. These radical Jihadists though are at odds with everything good about Islam. They seek to kill any who do not share their beliefs. Just think about the tactics they used. They set off one bomb, injuring many and killing a few. Then they wait for a crowd to gather to help – to show basic human decency and empathy. At this point a suicide bomber blows himself (assuming the person was male) up, injuring far more and killing many more than the first blast did. What these terrorists do makes any of the harshest interrogation techniques U.S. personnel may use look like massages. Radical Islam is completely incompatible with democracy.

We have to choose a president who will appropriately respond to this movement. We need someone who realizes that the only threats to America do not just come from within (many do, but not all). We also have a responsibility to fight radical Islam, which threatens the sovereignty and democracy of other nations. It’s easy to be opposed to the initial invasion of Iraq but to pull out prematurely would be immoral. The Iraqis need to (and are) take responsibility for their own country but they need help. Russia is still struggling to become a working democracy and the USSR ended a number of years ago. Change takes time. Violent change can take longer because change is forced instead of chosen. I have to laugh every time I hear Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama talking about starting to pull out of Iraq as soon as they are elected. It’s a naive promise. I’d love to see it happen if Iraqi (and American) lives weren’t at stake (plus all the trouble it would cause down the line). Radical Islamists only understand the language of violence. It’s not a language we like to speak but it’s, unfortunately, the only way to deal with these terrorists. I’m nearly as pacifistic as people come but there comes a time to fight. Now is the time to fight. We must continue to fight if we want to preserve freedom and democracy in the world and in our own country. John McCain will handle the threat of Radical Islamist movements better than either Clinton or Obama would.