Seating Delegates at the Democratic National Convention

I’m resuming my posts now that we are building up to the general election in November. Today the DNC started in Colorado. It’s receiving major press coverage on all of the major news sites. The media seem to think that we can’t get enough of the convention or politicians. It’s like it’s the Academy Awards; I guess the politicians at least do something fairly useful.

The Democratic Party decided that both Florida and Michigan will get to seat all of their delegates. Does the party have no morals or convictions? They clearly stated that anyone who broke the rules by having the primary too early would lose all of their delegates. Both Florida and Michigan knew the rules but went ahead with their primaries. A few people raised a fuss but those states knew the rules. Once Sen. Clinton started losing to Sen. Obama, her campaign started making a big deal about the “lost” delegates. Clinton only would benefit from having them seated. Her name was on both ballots but Obama’s wasn’t. From the start, neither Primary was even close to fair; they were heavily biased towards Clinton. Many people didn’t even vote because they knew their votes wouldn’t count.

A big fuss was made (“We want our votes to count; it’s not a Democracy if our votes don’t count”) and after much deliberation the Democratic Party decided to let Florida and Michigan seat half their delegates. What a farce! Just the other day they announced that both states would seat all their delegates. A double farce! States can break party rules and suffer no consequences. That’s not the foundation for a democracy. I’ve lost what little respect I had for the Democratic Party. It’s like having a law against murder but never pressing charges when someone murders someone else. There’s no accountability. On second thought, that pretty much is the official platform of the Democratic Party – pass your responsibility on to someone else. There is now nothing to stop a state from holding primaries early and when threatened with the loss of their delegates, all they have to do is point to the 2008 primaries and say, “Well, you let Florida and Michigan have their delegates so why can’t we have ours?” Where is their conviction? Where is their integrity? Apparently they don’t have any.