Fidel Castro Out!

The biggest and most important news story of the day is that Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary who ascended to power in 1959, effectually gave up his position as dictator-president of Cuba. This will lead to monumental change in Cuba; not right away but slowly. It is a very good day for Cubans even though not much has changed yet. Maybe Cubans will soon have the freedom they deserve.

For almost 50 years Castro has ruled Cuba. He was always a thorn in the sides of American presidents. Numerous assassination attempts against him failed. He robbed from his people and was responsible for nearly 50 years of poverty and starvation. Anyone who thinks that Cuba is some wonderful Communist Mecca with wonderful health care and people who only starve because of U.S. trade embargoes need only to look at how many Cubans there are in America. There are millions of people trying to leave the country with no one really trying to get in. That alone speaks volumes. Now is the time for Cubans to clamor for their freedom.

In the U.S., we need a president who will continue to press for freedom and democracy in Cuba. The ongoing primaries and upcoming general election are important because we will choose who will lead our nation. Let’s hope that it is someone who will make wise foreign policy decisions and continually urge other nations to accept and promote democracy.