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I am currently working on a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a strong interest in the brain. I am conservative but am not dogmatically so. I respect most liberal views on politics and economics, just as I respect most conservative views on politics and economics, but I am critical of extremism, regardless of source. I am baffled by the non-acceptance of differing ideologies that many liberals show. I likewise unnerved by the similar propensity towards unacceptance that many conservatives show. I am a strong supporter of traditional families and religion. I believe that our nation has largely forgotten Him who created us and inspired the founding of the great United States of America. I recognize and honor the great Judeo-Christian values that are the basis of our government, at least as it was originally instituted. I believe we are “one nation under God” and if we stand united with one another and with God, we will remain great. I remain eternally optimistic, regardless of circumstance.

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