Our Judeo-Christian Nation

The United States of America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, especially those of the Bible. While we reject state sponsored religions, the Constitution protects religions – they have a special protected status in the 1st Amendment. There is a reason freedom of religion is in the 1st Amendment – it is vital to the health and survival of our nation! All, or nearly all, of our Founding Fathers and Mothers were religious (especially compared to many people in our day) or at least held strong Christian beliefs, even if they did not attend church regularly (I have my opinions about why some of them did not attend church but that is not a discussion for this blog). Even Thomas Jefferson, who was Deist, held strongly to the Bible and Christian teachings.

There are many today who would dismiss my statements but any dismissals do not lessen the truth of my words. I know that is a strong statement but sometimes we need to speak boldly. A Judeo-Christian nation welcomes all religions and beliefs – in fact, there is no other value system that is as open and accepting as Judeo-Christian values are. That is the irony of the anti-religious position so many take in our country today – it is the values of our Judeo-Christian nation that allow the freedom to believe and express anti-religious sentiments. Sure, purely secular governments like Communism reject(ed) religion, but they are and were very restrictive of people’s freedoms.

For a more in-depth and more insightful post about the religious origins of our nation, read this essay.

In defense and honor of our nation’s religious heritage, here is a great brief speech by Rep. Randy Forbes from Virginia.

2 thoughts on “Our Judeo-Christian Nation”

  1. Finaly someone in government that has his head on streight. Hopefully some of the others will let his words sink in and make them quit attacking us chritsians. I would like to know where I can go to hear the responce of the others that were their does anyone know. Thank you for giving me the chance to comment on this video Thanks again

  2. I think you would serve the cause of Christ much better if you consulted a dictionary or spell check before leaving a message. This is in reference to the above reply.

    I found Randy Forbes’ message to be clear and concise and to the point. Hurray for his courageous and unpopular act!

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