Obama Opposes Release of Detainee Abuse Photos – WSJ.com

Obama Opposes Release of Detainee Abuse Photos – WSJ.com.

This is the best news so far in Obama’s administration. I think the prisoner abuses are sick and immoral, however, no good would come from releasing the photos. They would only serve as fodder for terrorist organizations to use as anti-American propaganda and recruitment tools.

Further, there is no evidence that such abuses were mandated or condoned at all. In any case, the Stanford Prison Experiment shows what happens when normal people are placed in stressful prison situations. I’m not approving or excusing the abuse but just because the abuse occured does not mean that it was condoned or tolerated from anyone “higher up.” It’s important to try and safeguard against such abuses in the future but releasing more photos is not the solution.

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