The Democratic Contenders

Right now Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are virtually tied for the Democratic nomination. However, Obama has the lead and likely will keep it but neither candidate will likely receive all the delegates she or he will need to secure the nomination (due to unseated delegates from early primaries). Superdelegates will thus play a large role in determining the nominee. Clinton, being part of the old Establishment, should be able to gain a lot of support from superdelegates – and she has already. She has showed herself to be one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians. She’s been a part of scandals ever since the 1970s. Clinton also is not afraid to dig up dirt on candidates and disseminate the infomation if the person does not play her game. What’s surprising is that so little negative about Obama has come out – that alone shows that he’s an honest person. True, he holds his cards close to his chest but even Hillary hasn’t discovered anything from his past that could seriously injure his campaign. Sen. Clinton puts on a good show. She’s very adept at appearing honest and straightforward. She is anything but that. She has many admirable qualities but honesty is not one of them. Besides, we don’t need another Clinton in the White House (which would mean also having Bill Clinton back in there as a behind-the-scenes president – 2 for the price of 1!).

Obama faces much harsher prejudice than Hillary does (well, prejudice not based on political and personal record). There is still significant anti-African-American racism in the country; much of it from within the Democratic party, whose pandering policies, which are presented under the auspices of  helping the “poor little minorities,” more often than notdo in fact hurt minorities in the long run. Obama has great support in the country but his staunchest supporters are young people and African-Americans. Both groups have historically low voter turnout. This is why the Democratic Party leaders are likely pulling more for Hillary than for Obama. She’s also more moderate than he is. She’s also sleazy. Democrats don’t have a problem with sleaze (many Republicans don’t either, for that matter) – look at the Clintons and the Kennedys. Democrats tend to be more liberal. Liberals tend to be more permissive. Permissiveness leads to acceptance of everything, including sleaze. OK, so I slid down a bit of a slippery slope but that’s how the terrain goes. Clinton is more than willing to play the old Establishment game, after all, she helped run it in the 1990s.

While I don’t believe that either Democrat can beat McCain in the general election, it certainly will be more interesting to have Obama in the race (and not just as a Vice President – if I were him I’d keep my distance from Hillary). Hillary needs to leave politics and go do something else like win a Nobel Peace prize.

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