McCain’s Excellent Position

Even though there have been minor scandals (they really weren’t scandals but were treated that way), not much has changed in the election scene. Clinton and Obama continue to fight while McCain continues to truck along, keeping a fairly low profile. He made a trip recently to Iraq but he mostly just holds fundraising meetings and rallies to continue to build support leading up to the final showdown once the two conventions are held. McCain’s in a fabulous position right now. This is one of the main reasons Romney dropped out early – the Republicans can build unity while the Democrats bicker. An interesting development is that a significant number of Democrats said – in a recent poll – that they will likely defect and vote for McCain. Quite a few Democrats who despise Clinton will vote McCain should Clinton win the nomination and quite a few Democrats who despise Obama will vote for McCain should Obama win.

Another good sign for John McCain is the general dislike of Congress, which currently is controlled by the Democratic Party. Even though most Americans do not approve of Pres. Bush even more Americans do not approve of the job the Congress has been doing. There is a significant disapproval of both parties’ politicians but right now it seems to go against the Democrats more than the Republicans, overall.

Overall, as I already stated, there hasn’t been that much to write about. I’ll update this website every once in a while and then pick it up as the election draws nearer.

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