Primaries This Weekend

There are a number of contests this weekend for both Republicans and Democrats. There are more caucuses than primaries, which is good for Obama – he has done very well in caucuses. If Mitt Romney was still in the Republican race he would do well too – he had consistent and strong support in caucuses. As it stands, McCain will win all of the contests tonight.


February 9

Guam caucuses (6 unpledged delegates), Kansas caucuses (36 pledged delegates), Louisiana primary (20 pledged delegates), Virgin Islands caucuses (6 unpledged delegates), Washington State caucuses (18 pledged delegates), Northern Mariana Islands caucuses (6 unpledged delegates).

Total of 56 delegates for the Republican candidates.


February 9

Louisiana primaries (56 pledged delegates), Nebraska caucuses (24 pledged delegates), Washington State caucuses (78 pledged delegates).

February 10

Maine Democratic caucuses (24 pledged delegates).

Total of 182 delegates up for grabs this weekend for the Democratic candidates.

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