McCain Loses Maine – Win for Romney

February 2nd is not only Groundhog Day, it is also the date of Maine’s caucuses for the republicans. These caucuses are completely overshadowed by Super Tuesday but still very important. There are still a few municipalities that will hold caucuses tomorrow and even later but right now it looks as if Romney will win all 18 caucus delegates (of course, how they actually will be divided up won’t be decided until May). That gives him 92 delegates to McCain’s 97 going in to Super Tuesday. It’s a virtually tied race right now. Romney’s overwhelming support in Maine (>50% to McCain’s 20%) shows that many people see through McCain’s self-applied label as a “true conservative.” He’s not a true conservative, he’s a moderate; his recent disingenuous ad shows him with Reagan and other conservative leaders. McCain is the only one who’s been flip-flopping. Romney flipped a couple times but McCain goes back and forth in his views. He says one thing while his hands do something else. At one point McCain stood for something but now he comes across as a bitter old man looking for his handout.

Why is McCain the front-runner? The media generally supports him (what the main papers have said about McCain {and the Democratic candidates} simply shows their heavy liberal bias. The NYT editors said that they really like the Democrats and reluctantly supported McCain as the least offensive (i.e., most liberal) Republican candidate. The LA Times also endorsed him – “McCain opposes abortion and rejects the right of gays and lesbians to marry — two positions we reject. He supports the war in Iraq, whereas we see this nation’s interests better served by a prompt and orderly withdrawal of U.S. forces.” Source.), so he receives mass exposure for virtually no cost. He also ran against Pres. Bush in the 2000 primaries and with Pres. Bush’s less-than-ideal approval rating (which, incidentally is largely driven by media), McCain looks like a Republican who is not like Pres. Bush; after all, they were opponents 8 years ago. Again, the main reason that John McCain is the Republican front-runner is because the media declare him so. Huckabee being the race also hurts Romney. Huckabee has substantial support but it is from a very limited slice of the Republican party (in Maine he only received 6% of the vote). Bigotry against Mormonism also hurts Romney.

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