Updated Nevada Caucus Results

Mitt Romney overwhelmingly won in Nevada, with 52% of the vote. LDS Church members apparently made up 25% of the Republican caucus goers and 94% of them voted for Romney, according to CNN. Take away all of the LDS voters and Romney still would have received 28% of the vote, far more than the next closest – Ron Paul – with 13% of the vote. Even though LDS church members make up a lot of the vote in Nevada, Romney’s vote transcends them, as was also seen in Michigan and Wyoming (and the other states). Romney received 18 delegates, Paul and McCain both received 4, Huckabee and Thompson both had 2, and Giuliani received 1.

What is a bit surprising is Ron Paul’s second place finish. He has received about 10% of the vote in every state so far and managed to pull off 13% in Nevada.

Sen. Clinton won the Democratic majority in Nevada, with 51%. Obama was close behind with 45% (there are still a few precincts that need to report). Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported Clinton. A majority of women also supported Clinton. Looking at delegate counts is important too. Clinton received 13 to Obama’s 12.

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