The Sanctity of Life

By Daniel Kay

When my wife was carrying our first child in 2003-2004 I was surprised to find that John Kerry un-apologetically opposed laws that would protect my unborn child. I was more surprised to find that opposition to the value I held for my child was tied to justification of abortion. From that time to now, this has been a big issue in my election choice.

I agree with individual freedom but not at the expense of another’s right to live. The “right to choose” is not really the issue, if it were, “free choice” pundits would be fighting for the right to choose and not fighting to devalue unborn life across the board. Those who support abortion rights have not stopped at a mother’s right to choose. They will not stop until society devalues the millions of lives that have been legally terminated since this “right” was extended; they cannot stop until the millions of aborting mothers no longer feel any guilt for their choice. They think they can eliminate their compunction by eliminating the value of what was aborted. For example, they seek to eliminate laws that make it possible to prosecute assailants for aborting a pregnancy in violent attacks and by fighting for embryonic stem cell research, which they think proves there is no current value in the unborn only un-guarantied potential. Thus, nothing is wrong with what they have done. But no matter how much they devalue their own offspring, no matter how much they attempt to devalue my offspring, no matter how much more vindication these people obtain from the Democrats, I will always value my unborn children as much as my born ones and I will always vote for the candidate who will fight to protect my most valuable possessions: my posterity.

I am revolted by the Democratic candidates who vow to make abortion more accessible, more accepted, and more unrestricted – who seek to reduce the value of every parent’s unborn child. If elected, the two leading Democratic candidates intend to re-extend abortion legalization to include partial birth abortion, uphold late-term abortions, over-ride the 38 states that have banned partial birth abortion, provide tax dollars to pay for abortions, and improve the quality of adults by harvesting embryos for body parts. Hillary and Obama are rated at 100% on these issues. Hillary has already voted against a bill that banned partial birth abortion. She voted against a bill that would make the intentional killing of an unborn child by a violent attacker illegal. Moreover, she has supported legislation which allows embryos to be conceived only to be terminated so that the quality of life of another may be improved. Already the United States lags in moral conviction on this issue. While most countries acknowledge the inhumanity of late-term abortions, the US Democrats continue to fight for the “right to terminate a viable human being.” Some wonder how far the Democrats would have the nation civilly digress in giving mothers the right to choose, perhaps to ancient practices and beliefs that reflect Pluto’s Republic in which “imbecile” children were placed outside the city walls to die, or the Law of Moses which gave parents the power to have their children stoned to death for disobedience. By some people’s definition these activities would be called “rights.” Perhaps, one day the “right to choose” will be called the “right to terminate one’s offspring.” While I think abortion should be made illegal, except in the instances described in a previous post on this blog, the next step needs to be to bring America up-to-date with world standards of humanity, that is, acknowledge that excuses like “I don’t want the child, I can’t afford the child, I don’t have time for the child, I don’t want the child brought into the world, I don’t want a scar on my tummy, I don’t want to go through the birth process, etc” are abominable reasons to have an abortion, particularly in the late-term, and should be made illegal nationally.

The only way for the nation to end one of the greatest atrocities in American history (i.e., the thousands and thousands of late-term abortions preformed legally and without the health of the mother being in danger) is to elect a President who will appoint judges who will rule in favor of humanity. Only the Republicans are offering this opportunity this election year. I have confidence that Romney or Huckabee will select judges that will extend the “right to live” to all humans no matter what developmental stage they are in. Pro-lifers need an advocate in Washington not someone who will compromise our position. I have no confidence in pro-choicer Giuliani to fight for the sanctity of life nor do I believe his promises to select “conservative” judges. How can we respect someone that promises to do something against his professed convictions? McCain also has never championed a pro-life bill. In fact, McCain supports embryonic research – making him a defacto pro-lifer at best whose record suggest that while he is professedly pro-life he is not a pro-life advocate. Republicans must unite to beat the Pro-Choice RINOs in our own party this election year and we need to select a candidate that can beat the socially barbaric DINOs (Democrats Implementing Nefarious Opinions) in November.

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