Romney: Wyoming Caucus Winner Takes the Lead in National Delegates

Romney won 8 of the 12 delegates in the Wyoming Caucus today. He also leads the GOP field in National Republican Committee (NRC) delegates, obtaining 6 so far. In total Romney gained 12 delegates from his second place finish in Iowa, 8 from his win in Wyoming and 6 NRC delegates giving him 26 total, making him the front-runner in the GOP field. Huckabee, though given first place in Iowa, he is in second for total delegates, totaling 20. He received 17 delegates from Iowa, gained 0 from Wyoming and has gained 3 NRC delegates from his home state of Arkansas. Thompson is in third gaining 3 delegates from his third place finish in Iowa, 3 delegates from his second place finish in Wyoming, and 0 NRC delegates, totaling 6.

Don’t expect this lead to change after New Hampshire. Because New Hampshire “broke” NRC rules and moved the caucus up, there are only 12 delegates up for grabs this year, and like Iowa and Wyoming it in not “winner take all.” Therefore, even if McCain wins next Tuesday he will only take his ~33% (5-6 delegates), Romney will take his ~27% (3-4 delegates) and Huckabee will get his ~12% (1-2). McCain will still be in third of fourth place in the GOP race for delegates, and Romney will still be in first.

On the democrat side, Hillary Clinton leads the race for delegates capturing most “super delegates.” She has 169 total delegates, followed by Obama with 66 and Edwards with 47.

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