Recent Romney Ads

A recent analysis by CNN showed that recent Mitt Romney ads are bending and playing with the truth. I think that Romney has a strong enough position that his campaign should not resort to such tactics. I’m disappointed. He shouldn’t resort to such tactics regardless of his position. While it may be good campaigning and certainly good politicking, it is just wrong. Romney should know better; after all, it is a common Anti-Mormon tactic to bend the truth. Part of this stems from my dislike of negative ads in general. Even though they are highly successful, negative advertisements often come across as spiteful and disingenuous – even if they are not. I believe that candidates need to address the qualifications of other candidates (or the lack thereof) but should mainly focus on their qualifications and skills and their past performance and goals for the future.

On the other hand, as President (and in other political offices), you do have to bend the truth sometimes (mainly for national security reasons). However, there is no room for such bending of truths while campaigning. However, I do commend the Romney campaign for making the negative ads pretty respectful overall with time taken to praise his opponents. The Presidency isn’t worth the damage to your character that spreading such half-truths can cause. Then again, I’m not a politician and don’t have a desire to be one because you often have to deal with half-truths.

Will such tactics result in me not voting for a candidate? Certainly not. Campaigns are, after all, mostly about dousing yourself in perfume, donning formal-wear, and turning your good side to the public while sloshing a little dirty water on you opponents. In other words, you can’t fully trust campaigns. You need to look at the record of the politician as well (if there is one). This is why, as I stated in an earlier post, that I stopped liking Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. I started liking her more than the other Democratic candidates but quickly realized that what she was saying was at odds with her record as First Lady and on the Hill.

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