Prejudice in the Primaries

Orson Scott Card, one of the best contemporary writers, frequently writes articles about his views on politics and other issues. On January 13, 2008 he published an article called Prejudice in the Primaries. He outlines how religious and racial prejudices are affecting the primaries. People vote against Romney because he is LDS (polls in early January showed 25% of people saying outright that they would not vote for a Mormon) and conversely some people vote for McCain because he’s not openly religious. People also vote against Obama because he’s black. I agree with him that racial and religious bigotry is likely affecting the primaries more than we care to think.

Amy Sullivan’s old but still very salient article Mitt Romney’s Evangelical Problem is a wonderful exposé on the problem that Mitt Romney faces. Just as there is no room for racism in our country there is no room for religism.

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