McCain: New Hampshire Primary Winner; Big Hype—Few Delegates!

By Daniel Kay

Congratulations goest to McCain for winning 7 delegates from the New Hampshire Primary. Nonetheless, he remains third in the race for delegates. A large percentage of his support came from independents.

The Evangelical Voting Bloc of Iowa has its candidate, the Democrat-leaning Independents of New Hampshire have their candidate, and the Conservative Core Republicans of Wyoming have their candidate; three states, three different “winners.” The Republican Party is a house divided. Thompson needs to drop-out. He has little money, zero wins and low opinion ratings. Ron Paul’s loss to Huckabee and Giuliani in New Hampshire must be eye-opening to his supporters. I wonder how much longer Paul will remain in the race, I wish him well. He is the one Republican candidate that stood against the religious test being imposed on Romney. On integrity Paul is the most disserving of praise and respect.

To date Romney has 30 delegates, Huckabee has 21, McCain has 10, and so on and so forth.
I just hope for Romney’s sake that there are more “Spectrum Republicans” voting in the Republican primaries than democrats posing as independents and Anti-Mormons posing as Christians.

Hillary won the New Hampshire Primary and stole Obama’s thunder. No easy task. I cannot deny that Hillary is a fierce competitor. And how can any man beat someone that is willing to cry for the emotional vote like Hillary did. Only a women could get away with such antics. She will be hard to beat even for Obama now–dare I say it? Her victory is “inevitable.”

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