Louisiana Caucus Winner: Pro-Life

By Daniel Kay

The media is spinning McCain as the Winner of the Louisiana Caucus. In reality, however, McCain was beaten by a land slide to “Pro-Life” this week. The final results are yet to be confirmed as the rules for being able to vote in the caucus required that you be a registered Republican and this was not confirmed before the voters were allowed to participate. In other words, this is the most meaningless and ridiculous event of the Primary season so far. It really makes you wonder how viable Huckabee is when he could not win an uncontested primary in the Deep South when he has the most constant and forthright anti-abortion record and platform, respectively.

Apparently, all the Republicans in the Caucus voted for “Pro-Life” and only a small fraction (presumable not adamant pro-lifers) of moderate and liberal voters were left to give McCain and Ron Paul the distant two, three positions.

Now—Louisiana, why would you move your primary up just to tell the nation that you are undecided? For goodness sakes, get back in the heap with the rest of the states that are not paying any attention to the race. Again the distant second place finish of McCain is nothing more than what we already know—moderates and independents are voting for McCain. No big news. The question is why aren’t more Core Republicans speaking up? More importantly, why aren’t conservative leaders, like the Louisiana senator who endorsed Romney the day before the vote, speaking out sooner so that endorsement will actually do something?

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