Economic Experience

The overwhelming number one concern for people in political polls is the economy. This should be very good news for Romney who clearly has the best economic policies and experience of any candidate. I think he should tout his economic experience a little more than he has been doing. Romney was a venture capitalist who invested in companies and helped them turn around financially; he was very successful. He swooped in on the SLC Olympics and turned them around from a financial disaster to the most successful Olympics from a financial standpoint. He also helped turn around the budget of Massachusetts as governor.

Huckabee’s budget plan is radical, it’s untested and likely untenable. He’s running on promises that can’t be fulfilled. McCain has great foreign policies but doesn’t have strong plans to fix the economy. Clinton’s plan for the economy (and budget deficit) generally would be to raise taxes, as would be the other Democratic candidates. You can’t fix a broken system by throwing more money at it. Romney wants to cut out waste, trim budgets, and keep taxes low. It is possible that just by cutting out excesses (i.e., redundant, ineffectual programs; needless pork) we could solve our budget problems – all without changing tax levels. Our tax system is paraplegic and needs to be fixed but it should only be fixed after we remove waste. Then we can start changing and tweaking and simplifying the system.

Again, I think that the Romney campaign, while focusing on all its strengths, needs to highlight Romney’s economic strengths more. People certainly should not give up on Romney either – he is leading the delegate count for the Republicans, as my colleague mentioned in his post earlier today. So Romney has 2 silvers and a gold – he’s still in the lead overall. It’s funny that New Hamshire receives so much attention and McCain’s win received so much attention when Romney won 8 delegates in Wyoming to McCain’s 7 in New Hampshire. Romney has staying power. I like McCain and I like Huckabee but they would not do as well as President as Romney would.

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