Credibility of the GOP Frontrunners

By Daniel Kay

Ron Paul has been accused of having no credibility and yet in at least one state he has out performed every GOP frontrunner except Mitt Romney. McCain and Huckabee have been out preformed by Ron Paul in Nevada and tied with him in Wyoming. While Giuliani has been consistently out preformed state-to-state by Paul including Iowa, Michigan, and Nevada and tied with him in Wyoming. Ron Paul supporters use this to give credibility to his candidacy but what it should be doing is bring into question the credibility of those he is beating.

On this level, Romney is the only one with state-to-state (i.e., national) credibility. More importantly, he has received the most GOP votes of any candidate: estimated at around 20,000 more votes than McCain the declared frontrunner. He has also obtained the most delegates: 34 more delegates the the so-called frontrunner. I just hope that the GOP wakes-up to what is happening. If McCain, Giuliani, or Huckabee wins the nomination, the Democrats will be running against the party that has a buffalo or a rhinoceros mascot rather than the party that has the elephant. I hope Huckabee’s camp is wrong when they said that the GOP coalition is already dead but if Romney does not win the nomination I believe this claim will be validated.

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