Candidates of Change

It seems as if each candidate in both parties is touting him or herself as the candidate of change. Romney started saying something to that effect back in February 2007, other candidates have been saying it for months as well. Recently, however, it’s become the catch-phrase of the candidates. “I represent change” says one. “I’m not part of the establishment” says another. What’s humorous is yes, all candidates are technically candidates of change. They would be someone different than the current President and therefore a change. That’s not what they mean but in that sense their chants of change are redundant.

Who has the most ability to create noticeable change in the executive office? Any of the Democratic candidates certainly would (by raising taxes, starting a national socialized medicine plan, etc.); we’ve had a Republican president in office these past 7 years. All Republican candidates would bring real change as well, although I think that McCain, Romney, and Giuliani would try to change less than the other candidates. McCain would work with Democrats more than Pres. Bush has done (although No Child Left Behind is an example of working with Democrats – it is actually a liberal policy, as much as I hate to label things liberal or conservative). Other than that, McCain wouldn’t change very much except for immigration. Romney would try to fix the economy and budget. He would also try to fix immigration. He would also work with Democrats to try to effect change. Giuliani would, well, I’m not sure what he would do. Huckabee would try to expand the federal government; Paul would try to cut it down.

I don’t believe that any of the Democratic candidates would try to reduce the size of the federal government (other than reducing defense spending). Romney is the only viable Republican candidate who would – McCain might try to fix some things – and he might fix the budget – but there is nothing in his past experience that demonstrates that he actually could fix it. Huckabee is a “neo-conservative” (as much as I dislike that term, it applies) – he does not stand for small government.

All candidates trumpet their status as the delta candidate (i.e., change [over time]) – the candidate of change. All would be a change but few could effect positive, lasting change.

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