Barack Obama’s Big Win in South Carolina

Sen. Obama had a major win today in the South Carolina Democratic Primary. His win there shows a number of things. First, that he overwhelmingly has the African-American vote in the country. Second, he overwhelmingly has the young vote in the Democratic Party. Third, there are many Americans who want someone who is not part of “the establishment” (even though he is a Senator). His wide support I believe is an important step in American politics. I don’t think that anyone should or should not be supported based on skin color but Obama represents minorities of all skin color in a lot of ways and shows how important they are becoming in politics.
Some people have started comparing Obama to the Kennedys – John F. and Bobby. He is in a lot of ways. He is young, energetic, and a rousing speaker. I have significant differences of opinion with a lot of his politics but he is a candidate that I feel that I can trust. I wrote a previous post stating that he is the Democratic candidate I would like to see receive the nomination largely because he is genuine and trustworthy. Again, I disagree with him on a lot of issues but he does represent change and he seems like an honest person (unlike another prominent Democratic candidate).

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