Why Kucinich is a Dangerous Candidate

Dennis Kucinich is a representative from Illinois. It is commendable that he takes strong stances on issues and is not shy to share his beliefs. However, his ideologies on one hand tear at the fabric of America (which is a little ironic considering there is a large “Defend the Constitution!” splashed across his campaign issues site) and on the other display what is great about America – that we can have such broad viewpoints.

  • He seeks universal government health care in a form that is more extreme than any other viable candidate. I’m not commenting on socialized medicine but he seeks the most extreme form possible. Extreme is actually a common theme with Kucinich.
  • On his website it states: “In an interconnected world of trading partners afloat with nuclear weapons, war is unthinkable. The Europeans have turned away from the catastrophic wars of the last century which took over 100 million lives to embrace a new understanding of diplomacy and dialogue as well as a new understanding of patriotism. So must the United States. The world depends on it.”
    • Europe has turned away from war? Hardly. War is unthinkable because countries have nuclear weapons? War could be catastrophic but it isn’t unthinkable. Besides, even if they have, war has not and will not turn away from them. As much as I hate war (I think we should avoid war at almost all cost), I also recognize that we will never see an end to war through political discussions. Some people (and ideologies like radical Islam {or Communism, Fascism, etc.}) just will never respond to diplomacy. It may not even be wise to try diplomacy with everyone (as nice as that would be).
  • “Saving Capitalism”: He has a “plan to instill ethics, accountability and fairness in global trade and big business.” Basically the plan is to save capitalism through socialism, thereby incapacitating capitalism. He wants to save it from itself. Capitalism isn’t perfect but we need less regulation and more education to fix the problems it may create.
  • He’s for ending poverty in the world (which would be nice) but against genetically engineered food (which allows more people to grow more food).
  • He’s against racial discrimination (“I proudly endorse a comprehensive non-discrimination policy, including nondiscrimination based on race”), which is wonderful, but for Affirmative Action (“Affirmative action is necessary, affirmative action is right, and affirmative action must be preserved”), which is a policy that discriminates based on race.
  • He supports same-sex marriage. We have enough problems with marriage (high divorce rate, high cohabitation rates) without completely destroying the sacred institution of marriage by allowing people of the same-sex to marry. This has nothing to do with being homophobic, which is so often thrown back at anyone who stands up for traditional marriage; this has everything to do with supporting the moral foundation of our nation. I’ll be friends with, work with, talk with, and serve with people who are gay or lesbian but I don’t support their homosexual behavior and I don’t think we should change the meaning of marriage to include same-sex couples.
  • He wants the immediate and complete withdrawal from Iraq. You may support the war or not support it but that would be a disaster for Iraq and the Middle East. It would tell the extreme Islamic militants that they won. I respect the Islam faith, there is much great about it, but some people twist the doctrines and plan to either convert the whole world or destroy those who won’t convert. The radical militant Islamists are no different than Genghis Khan was back in his day.
  • On logging: “The United States was originally blanketed with a billion acres of forest. Now only 40 million acres remain uncut.” We also didn’t have 300+ million people in the United States. “We must end public lands logging….” Which would result in more forest fires. We need to conserve the environment intelligently and not go to either extreme.

This list could go on. You can read more about Kucinich’s views here. There is also a short biographical sketch about him here.

I think that Kucinich is a dangerous candidate because his political views are on the extreme left of the ideological spectrum. That does not mean that I think that they are all wrong but he’s just way too extreme. We’ve already had a general liberal drift in this nation over time, especially morally. Things that used to be unacceptable are now acceptable. We don’t need more extremists because extremism only creates rifts between parties and people. Kucinich is farther to the left than any of the Republican candidates are to the right – even Ron Paul balances out quite moderately. We need to return to our roots and our values. We don’t need a radical shift away from the country our Founding Fathers established, we need to return to that. Kucinich would take us in the wrong direction.

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