Romney’s Faith in America

Mitt Romney recently gave an address titled “Faith in America.” I believe it was one of the defining moments in his campaign. I also believe that it was a defining moment in recent U.S. politics. As mentioned in the talk, our nation is becoming too secular. We are forgetting our Maker, forgetting the foundation of our nation, and thus, forgetting who we are. America is only as strong as her faith. There are many who clamor for the suppression of religion, who see it only as a limiting force in life. This is not what the Founding Fathers intended; they were by and large deeply religious men. Many of them did not regularly go to church because they were not very impressed with the churches of the day but all of them believed in God and established America as a place where people were free to worship how and what they would.

I thought Mitt Romney’s speech was stirring and powerful. He has great charisma and presents himself well. He is a man of faith who not only says that he believes but lives his life in accordance to his beliefs.

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