Huckabee: The Evangelical Theocracy Platform

If Huckabee obtains the republic nomination it will be the end of the religious right. He is self professedly running as the divinely-sent Evangelical Theocratic candidate at the exclusion of all other faiths. He was given the opportunity to comment on Mormonism and instead of making a statement in support of religious tolerance and freedom, he first refused to comment but ultimately made a statement that invoked Anti-Mormon sentiments and unwittingly strengthened his support. Huckabee may be the champion of Evangelicals, but he is not the champion for religious freedom and morals common to all religions. The religious right requires leaders that will unit all peoples of faith in America, not exclude the many by being the campaigner of his own religion. This is only part of his problem.

If nominated, Huckabee will also destroy the strength of the Republican Party, or as the National Review said it would be “party suicide.” He embodies one subgroup of one wing of the party, the Evangelical part of social conservatives. Huckabee is not a Fiscal Conservative; he is not an International Conservative. His tax increases and high spending as Governor of Arkansas are proof of his fiscal liberalism. His suggestion that the US embargo on Cuba be ended is proof of his international incompetence.

Without a nominee that can unite the three wings of the GOP and be a standard-bearer for the religious right, expect a big loss to any Democrat.

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