Huckabee: Anti-Mormon Politics or Political Incompetence?

By Daniel Kay

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee asked an interviewer for New York Times Magazine “Don’t Mormons believe Jesus and the Devil are brothers?” While he apologized to Romney over this “accidental” smear on his faith, there has been no apology to those of the Mormon faith. I find this particularly odd, as Huckabee claims the comment was not supposed to have been directed at Romney but was spoken out of curiosity about Mormons religion in general. There is not an avid Baptist church goer, let alone a Baptist Minister who does not know that this statement is a classic Anti-Mormon slur used to discredit Mormonism. So we the voters have three possible explanations.

1. Huckabee is a politician who cannot control his tongue or keep to his word. He told reports he would not “go there” to comment on Romney’s religion; yet, after making these statements he could not resist. Perhaps the curiosity was too strong.


2. Huckabee is a Baptist minister with a Bachelors degree in religion who does not know the difference between a religiously charged Anti-Mormon statement and innocent banter. This possibility fits with his apparent incompetent image reminiscent of the, “What Iran report? My aids didn’t tell me about any Iran report,” incident or the “I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express last night” comment to laugh off his lack of knowledge about foreign policy.


3. Huckabee is a skillful prevaricator and liar who was able to spear Romney’s faith, bring into play Evangelical superstitions about Mormonism, and all the while maintain the nice guy image.

Take your pick; all three speak to Huckabee’s poor viability as a full spectrum GOP presidential candidate.

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