Positive Aspects of John Edwards

Following my post about writing nice things about the candidates (regardless of political beliefs or general personal qualities), I’ve decided to focus on John Edwards. I’m not putting my support behind him but I would like to make a brief case about why he could be a good President.

John Edwards seems like a person you would like as a friend. He comes across as genuinely nice, in spite of his tort law background. Although, tort lawyers at least put on the facade of focusing on people, on being personable. After all, they are fighting capitalism for retribution when the individual is trampled by the herd stampeding to drink from the corporate water hole. So what if the tort lawyers take their own barrel-fulls from that same corporate water hole, they’ve helped the little guy.

Back to John Edwards. He is a good family man. He has a nice not-quite-rags-to-riches story. He seems like someone who makes informed decisions before he acts and is willing to listen to opposing viewpoints, after all he is a lawyer. They are successful when they know how to anticipate opposing arguments and counter then with arguments of their own. John Edwards seems like someone who would be able to work with both sides of the political spectrum while still striving towards his ideological goals.

You can visit his website here: John Edwards for President.

Note: This post, as mentioned above, does not constitute an endorsement of John Edwards.

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